From the last videos you can see for longevity and health of the body it’s vital you understand correct positioning. These are such fundamental postures, repeated often, meaning – you want to do them well.

Which brings us naturally to the next point in my current rant. Don’t link these two poses together! They are completely different poses, with vastly different foundations so they make no sense to be put in the same yoga flow! (Though I’ve done it plenty in Ashtanga and Power 🤔).

Vira 1 the toes need to face forward. Vira 2 the toes face out more. Yet no real instruction is given about the finesse of this. Probably because it’s some fancy foot work……which is why we at Being Yoga don’t do it. It’s true that some people with VERY open Achilles tendon can manage it, but they are the minority.

In the last video you saw the importance of NOT twisting the back knee. (If you haven’t seen the video, go to my profile and click on the video below this one). Your knees will be happy you did!

If you are desperate to link these two postures together (or you are in a class where it is happening and you don’t have a choice about it) they is a sneaky way around it.

Do Anjayneyasana instead of Vira 1 keeping the back heel lifted, then turn the heel in and down to land ready for Vira 2. That way you have the long stance and you knee isn’t compromised.

They great news is that you can do plenty of other wonderful yoga flows that work better. When sequencing you can think of the Vira 1 families of poses and put them together in a flow. Then Vira 2 families of poses and create sequences with them together. That way you don’t need to change the foundations and they will flow into each other more elegantly.

In our Level 1 (200hr) Yoga Teacher Training we teach how to sequence flows together rather than just giving you a few flows. You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to create your own seamless flows. Starts in September 2019 (Brisbane & Sunshine Coast).

In our Level 2 (300hr) Yoga Teacher Training we take the basic sequencing and pop the lid open on it. You’ll learn templates for Creative Sequencing (4 days) and Advanced Sequencing (3 days – in Brisbane in November).

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